Pippa Garner’s Films April 1, 2020


6200 Hollywood Blvd Suite 3116

Los Angeles

Press Release

Tinker Tantrum

Onboard Trophy Wife

April Fools’ Day is one of only two holidays celebrated by Pippa Garner, the other being Halloween. To celebrate, we are sharing these two short films by Garner originally made in 2013.

A collaborative series of photographs by Pippa Garner and Clifford Prince King will be included in our forthcoming group exhibition Comedy of Erros organized by Fiona Alison Duncan. The collection of works in the show will explore both errors and eros and the messiness of their interrelatedness, spanning a broad spectrum of entanglements, from economic to sensuous to linguistic. The overall tone is empathetic and humorous, offering a coping mechanism and cathartic release. Leading up to the show’s opening, whenever that may be, Duncan will be offering a series of home-bound think tanks. Tune into @pillo_0wtalk for more information.