Think Tank: Property, Domesticity, and Apocalypses May 1, 2020


6200 Hollywood Blvd Suite 3116

Los Angeles

Press Release



In the lead up to our forthcoming group show Comedy of Erros, Fiona Alison Duncan’s Pillow Talk is presenting a series of bed-bound think tanks on topics relevant to our novel current.

The “squishy spinoff” of Duncan’s lit social practice Hard to Read, Pillow Talk explores the intersections of sex, love, community, and communication through conversion and exhibition. Typically occurring in hotel suites and private apartments, Pillow Talk events are lead by experts in their field, from artists and activists to porn stars and academics.

Programmed by Mara McKevitt and Fiona Alison Duncan, PDA Part 2 was lead by actress and writer Hari Nef, artist Dozie Kanu, architectural theorist Nicholas Korody, writer and tenant organizer Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal, librarian Alana Johnson, writer and organizer Ripley Soprano of BRUJAS, writers Sarah Nicole Prickett and Devan Diaz, and Professor Leslie Regan Shade, with previews of videos by Nicholas Korody and Val Breeder; an Antonioni film clip; and music by NINA and Sylvia Robinson.

Exploring Property, Domesticity, Authority, Pleasure, Disorder, and Apocalypses, this event asked and answered questions like: Are you paying your rent? What actions can we take to not? What are Rent Strikes, historically and now? What are WAGES FOR HOUSEWORK QUARANTINE? Who is at home in the home and to whom is this new? How does plague compromise and inspire the commons? What are effective contemporary modes of resistance? What are your favorite sick domestic films (SAFE, Jeanne Dielman, Repulsion…)? Is your domesticity a performance? Do you have a live witness? Are you producing privacy? For public consumption? Does it make you feel less alone?

PDA was a reprise of a theme McKevitt and Duncan presented last April 2019 featuring filmmaker Lizzie Borden (Working Girls), Nicholas Korody, Alexis Penney, and the anonymous Instagram account @cutiereadergirl.

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